Paradise has Mosquitoes - Photo Challenges

My thanks go to Cee over at Cee’s Life Photography for this week’s theme wood, this is part three of the Chinese Five elements. Metal and water have already been done so this challenge makes three out of five.

Wood can endure for centuries so I’ve chosen to make my collection, very old wood. These photos consist of a church door, a close-up of wood used in the construction of a 16th century building and finally a small door in a Priory.OLD DOOR LEDBURY CHURCH16TH CENTURY PIECE OF WODOLD DOOR BOLTON PRIORY

Now I’m looking forward to her next challenge.

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Paradise has Mosquitoes - Photo Challenges

My thanks go to Ed at Sunday Stills for this challenge. Each Sunday he lets you know what the challenge for the following Sunday will be, so that gives you a whole week to select your photograph or to take one that fits.

Hi, my name is Toppy and I sometimes write a post on my female human’s blog Paradise has Mosquitoes but when I found out about this challenge I thought “Yes I’ll do this one”.


I want to tell you about Bonny, approximately three years ago my humans were talking to another human a little way from where we live when a horrible apparition appeared.  She was very badly injured, with a gaping wound in her throat and her knee cap was twisted to the side of her leg. She was unable to bark and she was so thin that all her bones stood out. She was nothing…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

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This photo was taken at the Alte Carnival a couple of years ago.  A group of English ex pats. got together to make a typical London Bus float right here in Portugal. Everyone joined in throwing boiled sweets and confetti … Continue reading