Sunday Stills – One Tree

Oh yes I thought, this challenge will be so easy, but not quite so,  trees do seem to love being together, so I delved into my archives and low and behold I found this photograph of a lonesome specimen taken whilst on holiday in Yorkshire UK last year.LONE TREE-DARK CLOUDS

Ed over at Sunday Stills sets this challenge and each Sunday he lets you know what the challenge for the following Sunday will be, so that gives you a whole week to select your photograph or to take one that fits. Thank you for this challenge Ed, a great way to get the mind working.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – One Tree

  1. Gorgeous Tree ! So well placed against the old stone wall and ominous yet blue sky. Quite often they seem all squat and low down against the weather and wind- this one is showing off!
    Happy New Year Gerty 😀

    • No not such a lofty wall I’m afraid, probably just field demarcation. But it might be as old as Hadrian’s, nobody know how long these walls have stood. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Glad you took the challenge and yes they do seem to hang together. This shot is amazing in oh so many ways, love the sky and perfect with the stone wall behind it!

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