A Christmas Tale.

HIDDEN DECORATIONOh it must be Christmas time again. We are all getting excited. The dust sheet has been taken off the boxes where we live for most of the year. We feel movement as the boxes are lifted down from the loft.

The lid is lifted from the box that I was place in after last Christmas and light streams in.  I watch as each of us is picked up one by one and placed with loving care on the Christmas tree. Soon, oh very soon, it will be my turn but wait, I’ve been caught by another decoration and then I feel myself falling. I land amongst the bags and boxes already emptied and I lie there almost hidden from view.

I watch as all the other decorations have been displayed and watch as the humans stand with a glass of sherry in one hand and a mince pie in the other getting ready to toast the Christmas Tree.  Sadness enters me, for 15 years I have graced the tree and the humans always remember the day they chose me from all the other decorations in a shop in Birmingham, UK and how the female human carried me home tucked safely in her pocket.

I lay unable to cry out that I’ve been overlooked, but wait the female human has stopped the toast and is now looking carefully at the tree, could it be possible that she has remembers me? Yes she has and both she and the male human start to hunt for me. The male human finds me first and holds me aloft and shouts to the female “Here she is, it wouldn’t be Christmas without her”. I’m taken to the tree and placed just under the Angel that stands at the very top. The humans smile and start to toast the tree. Oh how I love Christmas.


Hope this little story brings a bit of cheer and a smile to your face.

10 thoughts on “A Christmas Tale.

  1. Oh good – at least it had a happy ending. On first read, I thought you’d said she lay there, unable to cry because she’d been “overcooked” 😀 (which, being me, I well understood). Glad it was “overlooked” though and could be fixed 🙂

  2. I guess that is part of the fun for the person(s) who picked the ornament out – reliving where they were when they got it or who gave them to you. I especially value the ones that were gifts from family and friends who are gone but always remembered through these simple ornaments.

    • Yes you are right, memories of loved ones who have passed over give a bitter, sweet feel to Christmas. But oh the joy these memories bring makes up for it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Aaaah you led me on Gerty … I thought at the start She was the Angel for the top … and wondered what had happened to the rest of her 😮
    Lets Raise A Glass of Cheer To The Christmas Tree …. !! 🙂
    [and all special things that nearly get overlooked ]

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