Making Mincemeat Gerty’s Way

When I first moved out to Portugal to live, nearly ten years ago, I wasn’t able to buy Mincemeat so after some trial and error I devised this recipe. I am able to buy shop bought Mincemeat now but my husband and I are hooked on this recipe and honestly it is so easy to make.JAR OF MINCEMEAT


600g/24oz of mixed dried fruits. (Sultanas, raisins, chopped strawberries, pineapple, cranberries, apricot and papaya the list goes on)

One Orange, juice only

6 tbsp of Booze, I’ve used Grand Marnier, Brandy & Rum but just add more orange juice if you don’t want the alcohol.

175g/6ox candid peel finely chopped. I use a mixture of orange and lemon peel as we also have these trees growing and I know that no chemicals have been used on their skins. Shop bought candid peel works really well too.

Zest of two oranges

200g/8oz Butter, melted ( For vegans – use creamed coconut finely grated)

175g/6oz freshly grated apple. The sharper cooking apples are good for this but eating apples do just fine.

175g/6oz light brown sugar

175g/6oz mixed nuts toasted, I use walnuts and almonds because I’ve been given some walnuts and almonds grow on our land. People with nut allergies can substitute the nuts for more dried fruits.



1)   Soak the mixed dried fruits in the booze and orange juice for round about an hour or until the liquid has been soaked up

2)   Mix all the rest of the ingredients together making sure that there is a good spread of the fruits etc

3)   Place the Mincemeat in clean sterilised jars, pressing the mixture down so there are no air bubbles. Place a greaseproof paper circle on top of the mincemeat and seal tightly.

The Mincemeat will keep for 2 – 4 months in the fridge but in our house it doesn’t last that long because we gobble it up at a fast rate of knots.  I’ve found it is best to leave a couple of weeks between making it and using it as the flavours meld together during that time.  Mind you I have on several occasions needed to use it almost as soon as I have made it and it tastes really great.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on it.

12 thoughts on “Making Mincemeat Gerty’s Way

  1. Love your initiative to make your own when you couldn’t find what you wanted. No one in my family eats mincemeat, but it brings warm memories because my Mom and Grandparents loved mincemeat pie this time of year.

    • In the mists of time it did contain meat but the meat part faded as tastes changed. Some mincemeats still contain animal suet, the fat found around the kidneys, but its more common to find it without nowadays. Thank you for your comment.

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