This is the first time I’ve re-blogged from my other blog, I hope you enjoy these photos.

Paradise has Mosquitoes - Photo Challenges

My thanks go to Cee at Cee’s Life Photography for this week’s theme New, her challenge is Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge with the empathise on fun.

This challenge for me was completed in thirty steps, here they are. On leaving my guest bedroom I enter the courtyard and here the carob tree has spilt so I was able to take the little statue of Buddha through the trunk

Thirty steps further along brings me to Peckingham Palace and my hens.

Turning from the coup this is the view that greets my eye.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did in thirty steps.

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  1. The hens look like they are gathering up for your photo shoot I’m imagining them fluffing up their feathers and bustling …
    Love that view across your land it looks quite an area !

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