Hand & Body lotion.

After some “scares” about some of the ingredients that can be found in lotions, potions and other such beauty products, I thought I’d look around for a more natural way to keep my skin silky smooth. The answer came from one my daughter’s neighbours who very kindly showed both of us how to make this lotion. I thought I’d pass the recipe around so that others can try it if they choose.


25 grams of Emulsifying wax

30 grams of Almond Oil

60 grams of Glycerine

570ml of Boiling water

200ml of Cold water

5ml Perfume/essential oil to taste


First get everything you need ready: clean containers with lids off, a hand held food blitzer or a whisk, jugs, funnel and the perfume or essential oil  (if using) with lids off etc.  This is important as the cream ‘sets’ quickly at the end.

Pour the wax into the base of a large heatproof container with a volume of 2.5 – 3 litres

Add a little of the boiling water, just enough to cover the wax, and allow to soften for a few seconds.

Add the glycerine and the almond oil to this mixture and give it a blitz.

Put in the remainder of the hot water.

Using an electric hand whisk or food blitzer beat the hot mixture. (The container has to be large in order to stop the lotion from leaping from it and splattering the surrounding areas, dogs or anything within range)

Now add the perfume or essential oils and beat for about a minute.

Slowly add the cold water whilst still beating.

At this point the lotion starts to ‘gel’ rapidly, so pour it into the containers at once. If you delay it becomes hard to pour and the globs go all over the jars, the counter, the floor, and your hands making a very aromatic mess!

I use a synergy blend of essential oils, equal parts of lavender, tee tree, grapefruit and lemon as these oils are good for the skin and I rather like the clean citrus fragrance.

This recipe is also good it you want to make an after sun lotion all you have to do is to put more water in and perhaps use a soothing essential oil i.e. lavender, chamomile or oils with similar properties.

Add less water for a more intensive moisturing treatment for hands and feet.

I hope you try it and enjoy the using the lotion.

8 thoughts on “Hand & Body lotion.

    • Yes this is my first blog, my other is only for photo challenges with photos taken in Portugal. Put in a little more almond oil and try 10 drops of Chamomile Roman to this quantity to help soothe dry skin. With the extra oil it will take a little longer to sink in but I’, sure it will help. Let me know how you get on.

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