Thursday’s Windows

My thanks go out to Sandra for her challenge Thursday’ Windows it really makes me look at a building with “new” eyes.

These windows are from a shop in Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK, they sold so many pretty things, I think I could have spent a lot of money in there, but as I have a luggage allowance that was already tipping into too much, I came away without anything. If I go to that part of the world again I’ll make sure that there is some spare space in my suitcase. Those airlines have a lot to answer for!

10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Windows

  1. I’ll be heading to England in June and my plan is to pack my suitcase with clothes I don’t want so that I can discard them after I wear them …… leaving room in the suitcase for the IMPORTANT things I acquire in shops like the one you described! 🙂

    • Hey brilliant idea, hope you enjoy England, it can be very quirky but then so can every country. Shops like this one do abound so hopefully you will have a suitcase full of pretty thing when you return home.

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