Thank you Thursday – PoppyTump

This month I have chosen PoppyTump to have my Thank you Thursday post. She has a very unique style of writing and her ideas are always fresh if not a little quirky at times. She shows her talent for taking photographs in her striking pictures and she also melds several photos into one at times, resulting in some truly different photographs.

I have chosen these two posts in particular so that I could also have a go at book stacks. Pop over to her blog and see for yourself this unusual collection of posts, it really is worthwhile. First “Stack” post  & Second “Stack” post.

My theme for my own stack is “Where I’m at today”

I just love looking through atlases and marvel at all the wonderful places this planet we call home has on offer.  The dictionary is a must if like me spelling isn’t your strong point.  Yes I know about the spell checker on the computer but doing codewords, crosswords and the other letter type quizzes the old fashioned way i.e. paper and pencil, then being able to correctly spell the word really helps.  I’m always trying to improve my Portuguese, sadly not a strong point of mine, but I keep returning to these books, so one day who knows?

Ah yes Photo-shop, a new toy, I just love messing about with photographs and make them appear unusual.  I’m only just starting but already with help from different bloggers and these books I’m on my way.

Being a vegetarian who likes cooking (I’ve got a whole load of new recipes from various bloggers) I like to try different things from time to time. This book was the first vegetarian cook book I bought and it’s still in use today. So is the Bartenders book.  I discovered cocktails whilst on a cruise so I’m now able to recreate some of them.

Well my stack wouldn’t be complete without the codeword book.  I’ve always been fascinated by puzzles. Last but by no means least is my current reading book, the third one in the trilogy and I’m trying to make it last but sometimes I just have to turn the next page and the next and so on.

Thank you once again PoppyTump for your entertaining and sometimes off the wall photos.

I’ve decided to post a special thank you on the first Thursday of the month, and dedicate it to a blogger who may have made me laugh, cry, instructed me, updated me, entertained me, shown me beautiful photographs, sketches, poems, oh the list goes thankfully on and on. So if you want to be part of this great thank in, just publish a Thank you Thursday post about some amazing blogger to your post and tag it Thank you Thursday, together I’m sure in time all the bloggers will get a special mention. If you don’t want to join in this extravaganza then I’m sending a huge THANK YOU to you for taking the trouble to read this post.

8 thoughts on “Thank you Thursday – PoppyTump

  1. OOer I ‘ve come over all unnecessary 🙂 flap flap flush
    I’m sending you a ((Hug)) GertyGiggles .Thankyou for the mention ..Gosh tho’ – you can imagine I am so glad that it’s not my real name up there in them big letters ….
    Do get cracking on the PSElements it’s fantastic – even the smallest changes like ‘lighting levels’ used on pictures taken can make a huge difference.
    As to your book stack GREAT –
    There should be no need to be stuck for words with that dictionary 😉
    Atlases – love them poring over far flung places I -want -to -visit
    Puzzles YAY well you know about my stash lol
    Seen one film of the book trilogy but not read yet .
    Good to have a proper cookery book that’s a tried and trusted .
    ALSO … have a pop over to a blog he does wonderful recipes with gorgeous photos … covers all types of food stuffs .. tonight in fact I am making his butternut squash and spinach lasagne mmmm
    X poppytump

  2. Yesterday I read the second half of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. The other two were “can’t put down” reads but I think I like the last one best. The ending is a bit strange – only in that the story seems to end but then he tries to pull together a couple of loose ends. Maybe I didn’t like how he ended it because it had gotten late and my eyes had become blurry but I refused to stop simply because I was so close to the end. Let me know what you think.

    • I’m about half way through at the moment and really trying to make it last. It is written differently from the other two in the triology but I’m enjoying every word of it. My husband has already read it and he says that this book was the best too. I’ll let you know what I think.

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