A visit to Yorkshire, UK in 10 photos!

Ian and I set off for jolly old England on Saturday 13th October

We stayed here, it was built in 1650 as a coaching inn.

We visited and saw:-

Caves to Castles

Bridges to Viaducts

Rainbows to Clouds

Ruins to Waterfalls

We returned home on Wednesday 15th October after having a wonderful, restful and happy time. As can be appreciated I took a whole lot more photographs than these, so from time to time they will appear on the blog, that I’m sure of

12 thoughts on “A visit to Yorkshire, UK in 10 photos!

    • England has many beautiful places to visit and explore but always remember to have some sort of wet weather gear with you, you can never rely on the climate there. Hope you really enjoy your week next June.

  1. What lovely photos:) I stayed in Yorkshire for a few weeks a couple of years ago:) It was lovely… and the food was fantastic.. the people were darling… but the weather.. that is a different story:) Looks like you had sunny weather:)… Some of the best ice cream (rum raisin,,, with lots..LOTS of rum) and the tea at Betty’s was too cute:) and the drinks were flowing… at Weaver’s.. it was a delightful time:)

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