Thank you Thursday – Homemade with Mess

This week I have chosen a blogger who posts about food and I do like my grub that’s for sure. The post “Homemade Chunky Guacamole” at homemadewithmess was right up my street as I’m always looking for things for our tea, English there I’m afraid; tea is a light meal or perhaps not such a light one. Anyway this recipe caught my eye and as you can see from the photos I’ve made it, more than once I have to say, as you have to check that it’s as good the second or third time round as it was the first! Some people just call it a dip to have with crisps etc but a nice slice of buttered toast goes down very well with it. It’s nutritious, healthy and filling and therefore it ticks all the boxes. So I would just like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Homemade with Mess for sharing such delicious recipes

Now I thought I’d add a little something of my own to this thank you. As the main ingredient of the dish is avocado I thought I’d share with you about my success in growing one from the stone inside it. Blowing my own trumpet, so to speak. All you have to do is clean the stone and put it with just its bottom in a glass/plastic/china container full of water.

After a little while, if you remember to keep the container topped up, the stone will split and a shoot will appear from the bottom.  Once this has happened put the stone in some very rich compost, I used the soil from around one of our carob trees, and watch it grow.  The one in the photo is about 5 years old and I’ve been told that it will never produce fruit as I’ve kept it in a container but I’m ever the hopeful one, so fingers crossed.

I’ve decided to post a special thank you every Thursday, and dedicate it to a blogger who may have made me laugh, cry, instructed me, updated me, entertained me, shown me beautiful photographs, sketches, poems, oh the list goes thankfully on and on. So if you want to be part of this great thank in, just publish a Thank you Thursday post about some amazing blogger to your post and tag it Thank you Thursday, together I’m sure in time all the bloggers will get a special mention. If you don’t want to join in this extravaganza then I’m sending a huge THANK YOU to you for taking the trouble to read this post.

12 thoughts on “Thank you Thursday – Homemade with Mess

  1. Thank you Thursday – I think it’s a brilliant idea!
    Your avo tree, well, they told me that Avo trees never bear fruit in Johannesburg but, they were wrong. I have one in my garden (basically takes up the whole garden 🙂 ) and it bears fruit each year. Maybe your will learn from mine. I’m really impressed that you grew yours from scratch. I remember us all having to do that at school but I don’t think anyone ever got further than the shoots starting and then we were off to do more interesting things 😀

    • I think it must like our soil and climate, I did plant it some very decent stuff. Well my hope is that your tree can link roots with mine and tell it how to go about fruiting. I would be so delighted to see little avocados hanging from it.

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