Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

I haven’t used the new gallery format as suggested because these two following photos are pictures of happiness. The first one is of my parent’s diamond wedding anniversary and I think Mum and Dad radiate their own happiness.

This, the second, is of my youngest grand-daughter when she was 6 years old, she probably wont thank me for putting this one in the post but it makes me smile every time I come across it. Who couldn’t smile when they see a little girl with a puppy?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

    • Sad that my Dad passed away three and half years ago but this picture always reminds me, as if I need reminding, just what a happy person he was and how he would do his upmost to make those around him happy.

    • So glad you agree, it’s always a photo that makes me remember my parents. Youngest grand daughter is photogenic I agree.

  1. Kids and puppies. That’s just too easy. But that one of your parents is great. My dad just told me he and my mom would have been married 69 years this month if she had lived. And I know they would have been smiling and laughing about it just like yours.

    • Thank you so much, yes I have to agree that kids and puppies was too easy but the temptation to add it was just too great for a proud grand mother.

  2. Your parents radiate the same happiness that my grandparents did! He was from Manchester and she was from Montreal; they went on their honeymoon in the 20s with a dictionary and were in love til the end… Thanks for making me think about them – by the way, your mum and dad look like a whole lot of fun as well!

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