Travel Theme – Animals

This weeks challenge is Animals from Ailsa at Wheresmybackpack. As it is almost nine years to the day that Ian and I went to Australia I thought I give my photos from that time a trawl through and these are the ones I’ve chosen .I think they are in keeping with the challenge.

A little possum that came to visit our balcony for the three nights we stayed in this hotel. this little creature was fed by us whenever he appeared.

I’m always a sucker for any animal that requests food especially when it feeds from my hand.

I was so pleased that this Crimson Rosella decided to land on my hand to feed as we were told that in this area of Australia, this bird was people shy.

Who can resist the appeal of these two?

The children were a little timid at first but once they had actually touch this little guy they were full of questions about him and his kind.

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have returning to look at them again.

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Animals

  1. What a lovely selection from your holiday !
    I’m ‘green eyed’ :-p I never got to hand feed a Kanga or … get that close to a Koala

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