Toppy’s Blog – Pink Spotty Belly

Now I mentioned in another blog about feeling sad when I see my humans upset about something.  Well I’ve developed a technique that sometimes helps them to forget their sorrow, I just roll onto my back and look them straight in the eyes and say (although they don’t really understand) the following:-

Whenever you feel forlorn and down,

Try to smile don’t wear that frown,

A pink spotty belly will make you smile,

So give mine a tickle once in a while,

There you’re smiling already problem at bay,

Just carry on tickling and smile all day.

It seems that they read my body language and stoop or kneel to tickle my tummy.  I have to laugh sometimes at the language they use, honestly I think, that they think I’m their child, although heaven help the poor child! Phrases like ‘Tickle Topps pinky winky spotty belly’ or ‘Tiddly Poo needs her tummy wummy tickling’ and even worse than these two is ‘Baggy tummy wibbles wobbles’.

So all you other species who live with humans just try it out and see if it helps.  A comment or two on this blog will be appreciated to let me know how you get on.

4 thoughts on “Toppy’s Blog – Pink Spotty Belly

    • Toppy isn’t here to reply herself, she’s off doing doggy things, but I really do appreciate the way she makes me feel so much happier when on the odd occasion I’m down. Just what is it about their eyes that make you just want to melt!

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