The Carob Harvest – Part 4 (The End)

Whilst I was visiting England a week ago, our neighbours came to pick the carob trees closest to our house. Unbeknown to them we had completely picked three of the five trees next to our home.  Our neighbours had already picked the thirty something other trees on our land, that’s an awful lot of hard work but, they were amazed that we had picked so many ourselves.

Perhaps they think that we don’t do much work, just spend our time enjoying ourselves, well I suppose in their eyes it would appear to be so. We feel we have enough to do with our animals, chickens, visiting cafés, taking photos, blogging, not to mention the cutting, planting, watering of all the plants and trees in our garden.

I’m not too certain if the word, retired, or in Portuguese reformado (always makes me think that somehow being retired make you a better person), has any meaning to the people around here, they work on the land from sunrise to sunset and I have to say that sometimes I feel a little lazy when they’re off to the fields whilst I select a book to read in the shade of our terrace. Does this inspire me to get up and do heavy manual work in high temperatures? Most certainly not!

My husband, who I had left behind in Portugal to take care of everything in my absence, took all the photos on this blog post.  They don’t really show his full potential as a photographer as our neighbours are camera shy, unless they are wearing their best clothes, so he took these photos somewhat covertly behind one of our large agaves.

So for this year at least, for us that is, the carobs have been safely gathered in, no more aching backs. Oh wait, we still have the almonds and the olives to pick. Back to bashing trees again!

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