Weekly writing challenge – Stylish Imitation

Phew I thought this challenge is going to be a difficult one, just where do I start, I guess the first book to influence me to write would have been an A.B.C. book. Although I found the plot fragmented with no real story line, I probably thought at that young age that I could do better.

So many authors have passed through my hands, some I chose not to read again, some I greedily gobble up as each new book is written.

I’ve settled after much thought on three authors Manda Scott, Stephen Donaldson and Robert Harris.

Manda Scott – Boudica saga

Her style of writing in the 4 Boudica novels brings ancient Britain to life.  But as this challenge is not about the author as a person or the contents of  book for that matter, it’s their style of writing that is the central issue.  So for instance I might write “In the quiet of the untouched wood” whilst she would write something like “There in the glooming of the vast woodland unmolested by human hand”. For me the stillness would enter into my head as the mists of time dissolved to show the world in its ancient past.

Stephen Donaldson – Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Unbeliever

In this series of books he takes a very unlikely hero into a world of magic and makes the reader believe in the Land he takes them to. Once again his descriptive writing bring pictures easily to mind.

Taking again “In the quiet of the untouched wood” he would bring it to life something like this “Slumbering magic waited peacefully under boughs of standing giants whose canopies rise skyward”. I would be immediately transported to a place of enchantment.

Robert Harris – Ghost

I’m know I’m going to repeat myself again but descriptive writing once again comes to the fore with his wonderful sense of highlighting objects and places by just a few well written words for instance (taken from his novel “Ghost”) The room was lined, Gatsby-like, with immaculate unread hardcover books”. On reading this my imagination took me to a library of a wealthy person who wanted the books only for show, so sadly they sat, their printed purpose never used.

“In the quiet of the untouched wood” would probably be written by him like this “The unspoilt trees grew silently” letting the reader’s imagination conjour up the scene.

I could go on and on with so many inspirations to be experienced and shared but I’ll settle for just these three, well on this blog that is!

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