The eagle has landed

Hooray they’re out and have left the computer behind and, although they know I can use it, it’s oh so much sweeter if you do it in secret, sort of naughty, you know.

It’s been just too hot of late to do anything much to blog about so I gave myself a quick scratch and thought about what to blog about. On fettling about in my cranium I suddenly remembered an incident that doesn’t mean much to me but my humans think it’s a big thing.

One lazy day last summer I was snoozing on the carpet by my male human’s feet when all of a sudden I heard a sound. I had to listen very carefully because the walls in our house are very thick but I could just make out my female human voice in some distress.  My male human hadn’t heard and was happily reading the newspaper, I listened more intently as my female humans shouts got more and more feverish.

Oh dear, I thought she’s in trouble and needs the male human to help out. I was in some quandary as I thought of how to get my male human up and running to her aid.  No point in barking and running to the front door, he will just think I want to go out, so with some quick thinking I strode to the guest bedroom door safe in the knowledge that there is a door leading out into the back of our house. I woofed determined to go out this way, the male human gets to his feet and with a puzzled look on his face allows me into the bedroom and I immediately run to the door barking as quickly as I could.

My male human opens the door and good gosh, just what is the female human up to.  She’s in Peckingham Palace, a hen coup to you and I, with a very large, funny looking chicken with a massive beak.  I had to smile because I could see chickens running about everywhere and some of them had, through their panic, been able to climb the carob tree and get over a very tall wire fence.

Now I am quiet partial to running after chickens just because it’s great fun.  They flap about making the most horrendous noise and try to get into the smallest of gaps.  Mind you I have to say my humans are not at all amused by my antics.

Anyway I digress, my male human runs off to help his mate who by now has managed to get some of the chickens into the back of the coup and has locked the door, and some other chickens into the main brick coup and once again has shut that door.  Ha ha what fun I thought.

My male human, flinging the door open, enters the coup and is confronted by the sight of this strange chicken, my female human calls it an eagle but then what do I know, a chicken is a chicken in my book. My male human then grabs a broom handle and prises the, ok I’ll call it an eagle, off the wire that it is desperately hanging onto. I thought my male human was rather brave because the talons on one of these birds are long, strong and very sharp and that’s not to mention the lethal looking beak.

The bird seeing a way to freedom flies towards the open door but on his way out he tries to grab the body of a little broody hen he had already killed, but my female human was too quick for him and stopped him from taking his dinner with him. Did I get chicken for dinner that night, I did not, my female human laid her to rest, her words not mine and that’s the drawback with living with a vegetarian, in some rocks further down the land.

What was I doing all this time? Well quiet frankly enjoying myself chasing chickens and frightening them half to death. I was spotted doing this so I’m afraid my humans took me inside because they said I was causing too much trouble, me; honestly I ask you what trouble?

Anyway I could watch from the glazed door and then I saw a sight that made my heart very sad, my female human was holding the body of her little broody hen and crying her heart out.  Her face was wet from the tears she shed, this little hen was her first broody and most of the chickens in the coup had been hatched and looked after by this little lady. With five cockerels in the coup my female human turned her face skywards and asked “Why my Daisy, why not one of the boys?”  Now I found that quiet disturbing, she always shows great kindness to my brother but I was left wondering, if I’d been a boy would she have let the eagle take me? Then I smile, no of course she wouldn’t, she loves me no matter if I was a girl or a boy.

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