Check your spam

I have only just come across the Spam element so I thought that perhaps everyone else knew of it and so haven’t mentioned it in any of their blogs but I thought surely I cant be the only person out there that doesn’t know. Perhaps being relatively new to blogging it might be that I haven’t properly explored the site but I thought pass it on anyway.

So if you already know about the spam there’s no need for you to read on because I’m only going to explain where it is situated and I don’t really want any of my readers to yawn over any of my blogs. Heaven forbid that I bore any of you.

OK if you are on your wordpress account and are asking “Where is this spam thingy?” Go to the right hand side of the blog click on your name and then the name of your blog and the following box appears.

From here click on the manage comments and then it takes you through to this screen.

Spam shows just under the main title, Comments and just after All | Pending | Approved | you’ll find Spam. Click on this and it will take you through to the folder.

I found some really lovely comments that have just lurked there unanswered and unloved. Mind you I also found a couple of iffy ones so just be prepared but overall the comments were very uplifting. So go on check out your spam and see if you have any followers you knew nothing about. Please let me know if any of this has helped.

20 thoughts on “Check your spam

  1. Hi,
    there is another side to spam. that is where all the comments you make end up in peoples Spam.
    I wondered why all my comments were ending up in peoples SPAM folder. It took ages to sort out because I was contacting WordPress and they don’t deal with this. In the end I discovered you need to contact Akismet, who then kindly set me free and unblocked my account from the Spam Jammer. It was so frustrating!

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