Saturday evening was warm and barmy as we both set off to view the dancing due to take place in Alte.  In Portugal most things are due to start at 9 o’clock in the evening, it being far too hot to be held during the day, however whatever is planned normally starts a good half hour later. Can be frustrating to those who expect things to be on time but for my husband and myself, we just put it down to the laid back attitude that first attracted us to live in the Algarve.


I merrily clicked away with my camera and have to say that most of the photos I took ended up in my trashcan!! However one or two were worthy to be put on my blog.  Please forgive some of the slightly blurry out of focus pictures but my camera isn’t really up to the job of snapping things quickly, it seems to take ages to actually click and capture the picture. I’m seriously looking for a better one and any suggestions readers of my blog may have about good cameras that are idiot proof will be gratefully received.


I’ve also put some movies up on YouTube the references are as follows: –





The signature dance of the Alte Group may be too long for some people to watch but if you move the bar on to about 4 minutes into it and watch the last little bit, it really is exciting and well worth the viewing. For my part I enjoy the dance in it’s’ entirety but then I’m probably biased.

As is clearly the case this evening is all about tradition and although I’ve only concentrated on the dance group from Alte there were three other groups and their dancing styles were slightly different due to the other rural areas they represented.


I must explain in more detail about “The Watcher”. He had taken part in the children’s performance, hence his costume, but he couldn’t it would seem, bear to leave the performance. He stayed at his post all the way through Alte’s performance even when other children, including his sister, tried to get him to leave and play with them. He just stood there watching the dancing, not moving, just absorbed.

For us it is something we feel more connected to now, as we are more aware who people are.  The whole village gets involved, from the lady who works in the bank, the doctor at the Pharmacia, the school children and from the families who live in Alte.

“The Watcher” is one of the twins of the sister of the chap who runs the Agua Mel, our favourite café that we have frequented for nine years. We have therefore seen this little lad and his sister from bump, birth, toddler and up to as you see him now.  One of the YouTube clips show him dancing with his twin sister, ah the innocence of youth.



  1. The ‘Watcher’ and his Sister ‘stole’ the dance for me …… bet he’s looking forward to the day he can sport THEBLACKHAT 🙂

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