One rhinestone too many……

We were invited to the wedding by a friend of ours out here, her daughter had decided to marry in Portugal. We didn’t know the bride or groom but thought it was a very nice gesture to be invited anyway and popped it on our calendar so that we didn’t double book. Probably if I’m going to be truthful more like so we didn’t forget. Ah the passage of time on the old brain cells.

The wedding took place at a rather posh hotel right on the coast and I do mean right on the coast.  The service took place on the cliffs overlooking the sea. The bride and groom had some protection from the sun but the other members of the congregation were exposed to full sun and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Portugal when the sun is at its’ highest at this time of year it isn’t a very good idea to be outside without protection.  However the ladies had all been provided with fans so I used mine to give my husband’s head a little bit of shade as he didn’t have a hat with him and my hair is thicker than his. No I’m not saying he is going bald only that his hair is quiet fine.

The principal men were all wearing morning suits, in very light weight cloth I might add, they were all tailor made by an outfitter in Saville Row, London, so goodness only knows how much that must have cost.  Perhaps they have more money than sense I thought to myself, what a waste, these outfits won’t be worn ever again.


The bride looked lovely, but then I’ve never seen an ugly bride they always seem to have such happiness shining from them that they all look beautiful. She wore a dress that had obviously been hand made and designed especially for her; beautiful is not too much to say about it.  She also wore a sparkly tiara in her hair, sparkly necklace, sparkly bracelet, sparkly watch and sparkly rings. She had long hair all curled but as it was worn down I didn’t notice if she was wearing sparkly earrings. Gosh I thought one rhine-stone too many, less can sometimes be more. But she did look lovely, twinkles or no twinkles. Puzzling, almost as soon as the service and the photos had been taken she had her tiara removed, perhaps she had decided the same as I thought, one too many.

The meal that followed was great and wine flowed like water and as I was driving home that evening, in my case, water flowed like water. During the meal Ian and I were just nattering to the other guests at the table, as you do to be social, when it was mentioned about the win.  Perplexed Ian and I asked, “What win”. “Oh you know the euro millions win of (and I’ll have to write this as I don’t know how to put it in numbers) one hundred and ten million euros” said Tony our informant. “Who” we asked, “The bride and groom” came back the reply. Oh dear I thought perhaps I’d better re-evaluate my first impression of rhine-stones! A closer friend of the family later told me that the bride’s jewellery cost just over two million pounds. Now I know why the tiara was removed, it wasn’t the real deal, who wants paste when there can be diamonds. Can there every be one diamond too many I wonder?

At a quarter to mid-night the bride and groom cut the cake and we all had a slice and a glass of bubbly, then the lights on the terrace (where we and a lot of other people had wandered out to as it was quieter, after the loudness of the disco and a bit cooler) dimmed and the fire-works started. I have never in all my life seen such a display that wasn’t an organised event, you know like music with fire-works or a display for bonfire night. The display lasted 15 minutes, goodness knows how much that cost but then they do have money to spare, just a tad anyway.

ImageAfter the fireworks we decided to make our way home and I kissed the bride for luck and goodbye, thinking, as I did so, that I don’t suppose I will ever kiss someone again who is wearing two million pounds worth of diamonds.

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