Those blood suckers are about……

Oh no those little blighters (I would have used a stronger word but my rating on this blog is G) are everywhere.  My husband and I, gosh I do sound posh and a bit like the Queen, sit enjoying the peace of the evening in our lounge, perhaps watching television, when one of us spots the dreaded floating of a blood sucking intruder

Armed with mosquito spray we leap into action like two aging super-heroes, you know Superman-retired and Wonder-Woman-the-batty-old-dear and try to spray with deadly accuracy our prey.  Do we succeed? Judging by the amount of new lumps and itchy spots I would most emphatically say “NO”.

Somehow these flying itch makers even defy the plug-in insecticides that we unfortunately have to use (we don’t like to use any chemicals anywhere but when they’re in our space watch out, that’s enough said) in our bedroom and it is with some trepidation that after we wake we inspect ourselves and count our new clutch of bites. Ummmmm I wonder could you use the pattern formed by the bites to read the future, like fortune tellers who read tea-leaves.

We use essential oil of lavender to calm our itches, so even though our home might be susceptible to mosquitoes it and we, smell delightful. As my blog title suggests we really do feel that we have found our little piece of paradise here in Portugal so having to put up with the small inconvenience of the running battle with natures smallest vampires is a tiny price to pay.

GOTTA GO, get the Raid spray and move into my super hero mode and do my very best for the world. My mission is to lower the population of these little devils, wish me luck as I use myself as bait!!!!

11 thoughts on “Those blood suckers are about……

  1. Very funny. Mozzies love me as much as I hate them!I cannot sleep if there is a mozzie in the vicinity. I hate chemicals, too but I have 2 plug-ins on timers, one in the lounge and one in the corridor by my bedroom door.

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