Introducing the “New” girl

My first blog, it’s a bit like your first day at school, you know, will they like me, what should I say and so forth.  So why would a lady of a certain age want to become a blogger in the first place?  Well being that lady of a certain age I thought I had better start using the small amount of grey matter that lurks between my ears before it evaporates and escapes down my nose. My blogs will be nothing more than the musings and day-to-day ramblings of a retired female.

I’m English but live in Portugal in the mountains on the border with the Algarve and the Alentajo. My long-suffering husband, Ian and I bought our crumbly old squat farmhouse nine years ago and have had it renovated to a not so crumbly place.  We even have, in estate agent speak, a sea view. Well we can see a thin silvery line far away into the distance but tis the sea after all.  The view of the house is from the front and it looks south so even in the winter we get sunshine. The solar water heater, as seen on the roof in the photo, is a new feature and will no doubt appear in another blog.

We live with our two dogs, one of whom we rescued but that’s another story so I’ll not digress, three cats all rescued, we’re suckers for a sob story, two budgies, five cockerills and ten hens. We now have our full quota of creatures and shout “NO” if any-one offers yet another one to us.

We try our very best to speak Portuguese whenever we are able, a lot of Portuguese people speak English out here and want to practise on us.  We have had some very surreal conversations where they speak English, we speak Portuguese and then they might throw in a Portuguese word and we might throw in an English word but we do seem to understand each other, thank goodness.

Well I think that’s about enough waffle for now and I do so hope you’ll like the “new” girl.


4 thoughts on “Introducing the “New” girl

  1. Nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to your posts – you must have lots of stories with all those animals! As you see from my blog, I am passionate about pets!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, much appreciated.

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